Fire Retardant Clothing

In spite of cigarette smoking being banned in all public buildings, a rising number of people still smoke inside their homes and workplaces. It is a problem which all of our clients face, and Huqas has a solution for it.

We offer Fire retardant clothing to be used for all sorts of services and manufacturing done by our customers. Our clothing is specially designed to resist fire and avoid from burning up. This guarantees the health and security of our customers and allows them to use our products in different situations and locations. Huqas Corporation also accepts wholesalers requiring Fire Retardant Clothing in large quantities.

This complete package sums up all the household and commercial needs of our consumers simultaneously providing them a healthy and safe experience with our products. Our Fire Retardant Beddings allow our customers to sleep in peace without having to worry about their safety.

Institutional Wear
Work Wear